At ICCS we recognize that the road construction industry yields great opportunities for implementing technology. Our mission is to aid public roadway agencies, using cutting edge technology, to improve quality, extend pavement life and provide greater value to taxpayers. As Civil Engineers we educate agencies on the intelligent paving technologies available and support them from demonstration to implementation for maximum quality during the design and construction of asphalt roadway projects.

Many industries have made massive strides leading with innovation which has increased safety, quality, efficiency and in many instances reduced costs. Cell phones are now personal handheld computers, the transportation industry has been turned on its head with the invention of apps like Uber and Lyft, and soon self-driving vehicles will be commonplace. However, the road construction industry has been slow to adopt technologies which have yielded great benefits to other market sectors.

Our Engineers specialize in roadway design and construction and understand the benefits of technology to improve them. We have over 50 years of combined experience within the civil, paving and construction technology fields. We lead the industry and know the challenges agencies face when designing, planning, constructing and inspecting a roadway project to ensure maximum quality.  We at ICCS provide real implementable solutions to alleviate those challenges.

Our technology specialists are experts in project efficiency and quality. We understand the nuance of each individual project and provide the necessary support to guarantee success. Our specialists can install technology on the construction equipment, monitor the equipment for continued operation, collect data, troubleshoot, and interpret the real time reports generated.

At ICCS, our specialists are not only trained to use the latest technology, they have perfected the process for maximum quality on the finished product.

Construction Technology Simplified

Our Core Values:

Education: Our most basic principal. Pass along knowledge and train others for success.

Collaboration: Together we achieve more. Work in unison and encourage the free exchange of ideas.  

Innovation: There is always a better way. Continuously strive for it and help others implement it.

Support: Along every step of the implementation journey, be the rock on which success is built.


Our Intelligent Paving Quality Assurance Pilot Program enables an agency to see firsthand the power of Intelligent Paving to improve quality, all by monitoring the project remotely with no physical inspection needed.