See Firsthand On Your Own Project How Intelligent Paving Can
Improve Quality, Extend Pavement Life and Reduce Future Maintenance Costs

All By Monitoring the Project Remotely With No Onsite Inspection!

With our standard Intelligent Paving Quality Assurance Pilot Program an Agency can see firsthand on their own project the power of Intelligent Paving with minimal investment.

The Standard Package Includes:

  • Suggested Specifications to incorporate into the project bid package to require access to Contactor’s equipment for installation of Intelligent Paving Systems
  • The use of all equipment, installation and management to monitor 3 days of continuous asphalt paving using the following Intelligent Paving systems including:
  • Daily quality assurance data reports
  • Real time monitoring cloud access during the project for all agency personnel
  • An Inertial Profile run on the final constructed surface for the first 3 days of asphalt paving with quality assurance reporting in for one or all the following formats:
  • Training on the interpretation of the data and suggested remedies for defect areas
  • 3D LiDAR scan and 3D modeling of 3-lane miles of the project prior to construction for demonstration purposes
  • One day of 3D Cold Planing or 3D Paving using 3D automated machine guidance for demonstration purposes. Note: Requires Contractor cold planer or paver wired to accept an ICCS machine control system

Optional Add-ons to the Standard Package

  • Daily Rates for additional days of the above to complete projects that last longer than 3 days of paving
  • Additional lane mile rates to complete 3D scan and modeling design for the entire roadway
  • Additional lane mile rates to complete 3D cold planing or 3D paving automated machine guidance. Note: Requires Contractor cold planer or paver wired to accept an ICCS machine control system
  • Dielectric Profiling to continuously monitor asphalt compaction during paving. Note: Requires calibration cores from the project or laboratory compacted specimens of Contractor asphalt mix prior to construction


Standard Package price is $24,960. Pricing is valid only in AZ, CA, MN, MT, ND, NV, SD, and WY. Terms and Conditions apply.
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Terms & Conditions

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