Intelligent Paving is a subset of Intelligent Construction or BIM for Roadways which focuses on 3D modeling for design and automated machine guidance for the construction of roadways, as well as offering advanced monitoring technology for continuous, comprehensive and real time quality control and assurance of asphalt paving projects. Intelligent Paving helps to ensure best paving practices are followed and guarantees maximum efficiency to improve quality, extend pavement life and reduce future maintenance costs of asphalt roadways.

Intelligent Paving provides the ability to monitor the project remotely without sacrificing quality (Inspector-free Jobsites) by:

  • Providing 100% data coverage of the roadway with no overlooking isolated defects
  • Providing real-time monitoring of many quality parameters remotely via the cloud
  • Allowing the daily download of performance dashboards summarizing construction quality
  • Minimizing operator error – No more manual readings

There are a variety of Intelligent Paving product solutions including:


Our Intelligent Paving Quality Assurance Pilot Program enables an agency to see firsthand the power of Intelligent Paving to improve quality, all by monitoring the project remotely with no physical inspection needed.